Friday, June 17, 2011

they said

what goes around comes around = yup, its true

growing up just been so hard for me
i've met many peoples and their stories just inspired me
sometimes,it also gives me lesson to learn
and i realize, we have to appreciate anything that holds tight with us
once broken consider 'sold'
just like heart.
once broken it will open so easy to others
and without notice, we will fall deeper and deeper to damage
as everything seems to be right eventho it is totally wrong
my dear heart, they said it so nice to be in love and loving someone
why do they r still lots of hate, suspicions, anger and jealousy when it comes to it?

maybe im wrong, but do you feel you are so rite?
get a mirror and reflect. then you noe whats inside you
thus, you will see your dark and angel sides (:

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali baca lagi=)


Farah Mudrikah said...

love this entry. betul growing up has been hard =/

atifa said...

thumb up!.(:.memang.yeahh,that why awak kene strong ok.jauh lg perjalann nih.

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