Tuesday, May 17, 2011

try these=)

hye, just wanna share some good stuffs from NIVEA.

1. NIVEA deep pore control toner

  • good for oily skin. 
  • respecting skin's ntural moisture balance
  • it does not drying out ure skin
  • reduces excess oil 
  • prevent blackheads
  • soothe skin
tips: after apply toner, guna moisturiser dia.  

2. NIVEA essential care lip balm
  • moisture your lip
  • prevent lip from drying out
tips: apply before tidor, untuk prevent bibir kering pada siang nya

  • with lemongrass for energizing freshness
  • 24 hours effective
  • with avocado-extracts for an optimal caring feeling
  • most important, it is without alcohol
tips: one of my besties said dat it is good to apply before tido jugak 2 prevent berpeloh kuat pada siangnya.

4. NIVEA VISAGE refreshing cleansing foam
  • remove impurities while maintaining skin's own moisture balance
  • leaving a refreshed skin feeling
  • free from alcohol,preservative and colorants
  • good for normal and combination skin
tips: pick cleanser that contains vitamin E cause its enrich with anti-oxidant and moisturiser.

for the time being, lebih suka pakai yang ini, cream i'll get it later cause i dont really like using cream.
NIVEA punya barang best dan okay untuk dipakai, lagi2 untuk student coz
  •  ianya sangat affordable (harga x berapa nak mahal)
  • lembut pada kulit, pandai2 lah pilih which one yang suitable,
  • espc for cleanser coz cleanser is things yg wajib ada.
  • (muka rasa lesu ja pegi lah cuci, hehe) 
  • easy to get, errr. yang lain pun easy jugak kut.
  • brg2 dia without alcohol. jadi sangat rasa x was2 bila guna
  • kalau kulit dah okay dan bersih always without make up pun rasa comfortable.
"faster babes, get a healthy and nice skin with NIVEA"

happy teaching you ols. so be a  NIVEA lovers(:

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali baca lagi=)

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