Sunday, May 20, 2012

break apart

i had given u many chances but all you do was letting me down.
i even asked if u are going to hold me or not
but the answer was nonsense
i bet you have ure own good reasons that is not good for me
i noe you very well,
i noe its not only becoz of you, yourself.
guess so
if you afraid to give me hope
then you should not took me back before
after all, i still felt m the one who defend our relationship
while you busy finding way to get me rid of your life. 
well m sure u are fully ready to live ure life wthout me
so i must try my best to do it too

found many related quotes while having this moment 
gosh, can described exactly what i felt -__-
seee i emotional sudah.

Guys, while u hurt ur girl, There's a man wishing he could make love to her & while u make her cry, the same man is stealing smiles from her

Forgiveness doesn't always mean you want someone back in your life- It just means you are letting go of the hurt

Sometimes we just gotta accept the cold, harsh truth... sometimes the ones that we can't live without... CAN live without us.

no matter how busy a person is,if they really care,they'll always find time for you..

**i iz saaaaad :(

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