Friday, April 19, 2013


I bet everyone feels scared of commitment. Of course we did. We will jump into the other us! How confusing it will be.Yes, this leads us to, choices. Part of life i guess. Dare enough to take risk, so you have to deal with the consequences. This is what i learnt almost everyday.  Things that we've planned will never be good enough. Sometimes, it went wrong and only then you realised how far you got lost and fulled with yourself. Mistakes? Regrets? Insecure?  Paranoid? Feeling down on yourself? How to make these go away with no pain ? Girl, its not easy. Took guts and courage to feel me again. They make me learnt to choose; to stay with all those feelings or to wipe it along with tears. I chose to put myself together, kiss them goodbye, head up and try to glue back the broken vase. Cracks will always be there, i know. I just can put flowers in it so they wont notice it. 

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