Tuesday, May 27, 2014

feeling off lately

Conversations... What do you feel when you talk with someone and ure the one yang act looking too eksaited to talk with them? Or they suddenly tembak u with hurtful words, sometimes bukan hurtful words but then words yg make u think ah bodohnya cakap baik2 last2 aku kena main main. How can you make someone feel that way?? Suckers. I always think like okay what words shud i use to make sure this polan polan feeling good everytime they talk with me, everytime they text me. I get this a lot nowadays. I think when u are getting older, u mmg kena jaga hati sendiri lebih,pujuk hati sendiri lebih. Sometimes, no one will care that much for you. Becoz everyone gt their own priorities. Sigh. Missing my childhood. Less stress,more fun and nothing to care

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