Sunday, June 1, 2014


I dont know bout you, but i cry a lot to express my feelings. Im too sensitive over everything.happy or sad. Both can make me cry. I value everything to its limit nowadays,everything seems so special in a way that i feel i should appreciate this and that more, feeling bad everytime i dont do it. Even when emak asked me to cabut uban but i malas sbb nak tido plus no mood i rs ouh jahat gila aku. Terus terfikir cerita si tanggang. Eh takut. Sometimes i think i care about pepel too much dr diaorg sendiri care pasal diri.Sometimes i dont know what makes me too sad, i can just cry . Tiba2 pun ada. Just now i saw this baby yg jntung belubang baru2 lahir, i terus imagine how lah if its happening to me and my future baby. And... i cried. Im now thinking that i gt this cry hormone terlebih in my body.

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