Saturday, February 26, 2011

works =,=

dear bebeh..
i am currently working on my essay for social study
i choose the topic of "mommy track" n i find it is really hard 
to elaborate on this issue.
i do find all the materials needed for this issue 
but it seems to be not really enough for this essay
so, i think i have to do it as good as i can
with the materials dat i already have..
this is due to my bad parts in presentation
the only way to get higher marks is only in my writing part
 which is also not good. 
i'm mampus lah if this thing melarat2x.
as mr. gaz told me before,
i really need to back up. uwaa
i guess that he get dizzy with me, because..
during his class i like to merapek2x
if not i will get sleepy..adoiyaa..
its complicated as many things have to do

while doing works i will have a habit of menyinggah to other works
which are facebooking and now blogging. haha
see, now i menyinggah kat sini..
i dont noe lah.
sometimes, i really felt that my hearts is somewhere else
which is not in iptho
but this is wat i choose
have to love diz place so i can be more focus on study
boleh kah? -,-

i better continue to write my essay, 
later i'll story mory again okay. huhu.

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