Thursday, January 5, 2012

back to bp and left aaron aziz ? HAHA

try test.
before this dah amik gamba tapi tersalah update date dekat phone,
ame cakap aku still dalam year 2011 haha baru prasan
 so pic tak save pun cis-,-
dan mak aku pun buat muka 
ame punya pic perfect spot ceh
see dat willy wonka? ;p

bukan main lagi kalau time love2 boleh berpuluh puluh butir post pasal si buah hati
cubalah time patah hati nya beratus ratus lemen aku boleh post memaki HAHA

this bond is much much stronger now but i do feels there are more challenges ahead :)

Perfection is just a word,Nothing is really perfect,not even the word itself.
So am I.

The gift of life is Life itself.

We're living in a school.We'll never stop learning.

Make More Mistakes,The More Mistakes,The More You Learn


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