Saturday, May 9, 2015

late night thoughts

Just watched Pilot Cafe tonite and i feel that it is such a breathtaking and heartwarming movie. I cried and came out from the hall with my red eyes and red nose hahaha. Despite the film controversy,i really think that the movie was able to convey a very good message of love; God's love and fam's love. I can relate myself to it too and that is the most hateful part haha cause i kenot stop crying the moment i gt the feeling ahhhhh kenot move on. Butttt the most important part is i learned a lot from the movie! I agree that it's true that no matter how great u feel the love from anyone or being loved, 'it' is belongs to Him. The feeling, the love that you received,the nikmat, the hardships and everything u have datang dengan izinnya. And i really love the way that movie mengangkat martabat seorang wanita and showed that men are supposed to be the men who can be the one who guide women to the right path,pelindung dan mengasihi seikhlasnya. of course people would say " itu semua dalam drama ja" but how nice it is if we can take the good ones as the inspiration to do good and be better. Yes,everybody in this world is a sinner. Humans made mistakes. But people changed,and people can always change. The memories will just stay.  i wish i can erase some, hmm. It breaks my heart again and again whenever everything im not proud of came across my mind. It scares me a lot how will I face dear Allah with all the cracks. I know I cant never erase it but now I'm so grateful that He always show me the way closer and closer to Him and I know,he's there with me in every battle I fought. I hope that Ill never loose faith,never stray away again and I pray that He will always surround me with good people. Im so grateful for this life now. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

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