Monday, June 15, 2015


lonely, empty and silent night again. The reasons why i blog this.

I finally realised that i really have trouble sleeping at night.
I don't even remember when was the last time i had a good sleep.
It's either i'm too tired or on meds, and yeah i got my beauty sleep only at those times.

Holidays will be over in 4 days but I already feel so stuffy.  I'm now prefer to be alone at all times doing nothing other than scrolling my fb and ig updates. lifeless i am. Only went out for family events,my parents' reunion and sisters' outing(2-3 hours like that). too lazy to drive or looking for anything fun to do. too lazy to contact my friends (it's not that I hate trying to keep up with them,but i just don't like putting an effort into making them right now. Of course i miss my friends. But still, urgh i'm not fun anymore) too lazy to do anything that involves me in thinking. I really prefer to be alone now but  it still makes me feel stuffy because i did a lot of thinking!!

These days, all i did was thinking on surviving myself. On everything. Study life,social life, love life, work life urgh EVERYTHING. How i wish life will be easier. unfortunately....

this happened almost everyday

till next time blog. too lazy to type  xx

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