Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Updates

It's already December.
Good start for this month as my SPP interview went well.

November left me with dull routine (makan,tido,kuang-kuit #repeat) 
and also the last examination result, which is quite disappointing
but of course you should always be thankful because you LULUS

well now i'm officially out from the campus, officially waiting to be posted,insyaAllah and officially tamat pengajian! wiiiiiiyaaaaa. syukur Alhamdulillah. 

mixed feelings actually. you know, all the hard work,endurance,tears and sleepless nights.. even though you are not always thattt focus towards studies.. everything just feel "arhhh relief" 
it PAID OFF well. selayaknya. seiiring dengan takat usaha. 

but of course, i still feel afraid 
I woke up everyday thinking what if this.. what if that..

All these uncertainty in life are driving me crazy. 
I really hope i can get through this phase of life and feel so much better than what i feel right now.
because God surely is the best planner. May He always watch over me and my loved ones. 

p/s: i miss you so much 

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