Friday, July 8, 2011


i tried to talk nicely
asked nicely
but all i got was "sikap endah x endah"
and annoying sound from you

it was sooo 'GREAT'
all i want is trying to understand you lah pak cik
trying to get wat the point dat you sakit hati gilak2
you noe i am wat. memang susah nak control bab2 emosi
lagik2 bila dah mencuba, so bila tak dapat cara bagus 
mmg ah i turn to be HULK also. 
macam dah best i'll started with a good way
why must we end with the bad way?

fyi,i act wanna say SORRY
but before dat i just wanna hear betol2 what did you betol2 sakit hati ya syg oiii
and my truly sorry just stop there due to your *great* reaction
so,i guess i am wrong rite?
and double wrong for making this situation as my new entry? 
HOHOHO.and what?
r you more and more unsatisfied???
wee=) can i just say now i am satisfied?

SO SORRY LA handsome-via my heart-
(terboncet la pulak kikik)

terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali baca lagi=)

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