Saturday, July 2, 2011

hello kaki2 online semua

i got two packages yesterday 
from pos express and pos laju. 
  wat ?
first package was from ziera len'z shop
taken at 9 a.m
checkout her page
theres so many nice lenses there
so, i got my new eyes ^^
quite surprise cause i dnt expected this color
later, i wanna save money and buy new glasses 
coz the old one dah uzur sangat
second package was from
taken at 3 p.m

it was act from abah, i noe lah! haha

and i got back my shoe :-D
 left it dat day before flying back to johor
and i was like "merayu2" dengan abah
 to post it back together with my pendrive
 surprisingly, abah also gave me the new one 
i was hoping for external disk act, heheh
"dapat betis nak paha pulak"
later lah abah okay?
*i miss to fight with you potet*
one thing dat touch me was
my shoe was covered with potet punya bulu *kurang aja kan dia?

p/s: hari ni larian 1 malaysia. best tapi penat
dah qada tido dah, now nak cuci baju
dari tadi dah niat nak mencuci asyek postpone heheh
bye. wanna run lagi sekali 

 *seronok maen pos2.tak tau mcm mana nk describe.
 jum lah shopping online kalau nk seronok2 mcm ni haha*


atifa said...

i loilike your shoes.:)

air-rah da amor said...

my fav shoes !!

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